Alohanatura takes you back to the origin of the Natural world, with high quality cosmetic products, which have managed to obtain the perfect combination of a wide variety of natural raw materials and eco-certifiable active ingredients, obtained by means of natural processes, avoiding the use of chemical components. We respect the indicated concentration for every raw material, guaranteed by its efficacy test for an outstanding facial and body skin action.  

We add elegant, natural aromatic preparations, so by means of a simple smell test, your mind can inform you of what you need at every moment in life. Scent is vital and very personal, given that it is decoded into a message within the olfactory bulb and then, it is rapidly sent via an electric impulse to the central part of our brain. This essential central part enables us to experience feelings of comfort and overall rebalancing. From the brain, in a holistic manner, this also has an effect of our body and our emotions.

NOT containing: Alcohol, highly allergic perfumes, artificial colourants, parabens or chemical preservatives, sulphites, nitrites, extracts of animal origin, animal fats, silicones, paraffins, mineral oils,... Our main range allows for an in-depth immersion into the ancestral wisdom of the natural world in each one of My Moments; 

Ayurveda and Polynesia.

Their innovative textures with excellent absorption and are easy to spread over the skin, allowing for internal action and ensuring the outermost skin layer is permanently protected.